Attractions for children

Apart from the breathtaking views and the breathtaking beaches, Lefkada Island, the children can also enjoy a variety of attractions and experiences!

Every year, families with children of all ages come to the island and on this page you can get a variety of tips for places that the children will enjoy. Of course you are also with them - the parents.

* Animals - in the authentic villages in the island, you can take the children and enjoy petting! The elders of the village will be happy to host you on their farm and tell you about the various animals.

Horseback Riding - One of the most enjoyable experiences on the island is riding local Greek horses - in front of the stunning views, a family experience is recommended !!!

* Theme parks - In the various towns of the island, the children will be able to enjoy small theme parks, gameplay (parents make the coins) and nice facilities. Most of them are located next to the cafes so that while the parents drink coffee in the sea, the children pass the time in game play and everyone comes out satisfied.

In general, various children's restaurants are also served to suit your children in size. Ice cream parlors, toy stores, children's clothing stores, and more.