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We had arrived about 10 years ago.

The main feeling I remember is the amazement that comes back again and again from nature and beauty that strikes you time and time again on this magical island as we strolled from coast to coast and bay to bay.

I am a veteran traveler who has traveled extensively in many parts of the world, from Central, North and South America, around the Mediterranean, through classical Europe to Asia and the Far East; After thinking that I had met beautiful beaches, I was surprised to find that there is an island under our noses whose beaches and beaches are among the most beautiful in the world.

The view of the eastern coast on Lefkada is very reminiscent of Italy and Tuscany, the island is full of giant olive trees, combined with huge trees surrounded by streams and running water in evergreen forest. Also, landscapes reminiscent of Costa Rica can be met uphill as deep into the depths of the high mountains pass through the jungle of large trees.

The first settlers, on the island of Lefkada, came from the Bronze Age. There are museums around the island which can be seen as archeology from this period.

After that the Italians ruled the island and if they arrived around 1940 they planted hundreds of thousands of olive trees that could be met on every corner of the island. Special giant trees and adults with a large stem-branched and sculpted stem.

The island of Lefkada originally was a particularly poor island, locals were welcoming and welcoming, and today they are known for its warm reception. His main breakthrough in Greek and world consciousness was that Onassis, the great shipping ship, bought the island of Scorpio (in Greek Scorpio), if one looks at it from a glance at and / or the bird resembles the scorpion.

Onassis, who later married Jacqueline Kennedy after Jfk's murder, is a legend among the islanders of Lefkada, who say he roamed the island like El. To this day, if you have a conversation with a local, ask him about Onassis, you can see his admirable reaction. By the way, until recently it was possible to wash on the beaches of the island with the approval of the family, it was possible to arrive with a boat and simply wash on the beautiful beaches of the island. In the last year, Onassis' house sold the island to a Russian Yigal. The inhabitants of the island were angry because the claim was that Onassis wrote in his will after his death and after 99 years of ownership of the island of Scorpios, the family would return the island to the local inhabitants.

Another island that is part of the island group of pigeons is the island of Magnesium to the island Magnetsi can also be reached by a very short sail from the island of Lefkada (about 10-15 min), a beautiful island. The Rothschild family plans to build a settlement there, including villas and golf courses. This island was also owned by the Onassis family.

When I reached the coast of Porto Katsiki, the cliffs of Mexico rose from my memory. A strong strong beach, blue sea water, pleasant sand, does not stick to the body on the one hand and on the other hand does not hurt the legs.

The beach at Fisherman's Bay. A beach of pebbles in the west and east on green mountain ranges, and from the south you can see the group of nearby islands "Itika" and on days with good visibility on Lefkada Island, Zakynthos Island.

On the beach there are special hotels, for example Pico's beach hotel, a small hotel with 30 rooms some facing the sea and some facing the mountains; A brilliant and tidy hotel, each year the owner, who is from Lefkada island, and his wife, originally Australian, renew it. Spacious and cozy rooms. A light, nutritious breakfast, just walking distance from everything in the town of Weslicki.

Bosliki is the third largest city on Lefkada Island to find everything; In the village there are a number of excellent windsurfing clubs because the wind from the valley rises every day accurately and indulges surfers in a wonderful spirit. Diving Club, where you can enjoy both diving and diving courses at interesting sites such as caves and beautiful readings.

The underwater life on the island is spectacular.

The first year of our stay on Lefkada Island, having been struck by the beauty of the island. I was very curious about what was happening underwater.

So I bought fishing gear and snorkeling at the island stores: binoculars, snorkels, fins, dumbbells, a rifle buoy and even a shovel, and set out on my way to find the ideal spot for diving.

I moved to where I could find the best places to fish. After a lot of ouzo with my acquaintances, they agreed to tell me the best places. On the way to the lighthouse in the southern part of the island and on the east side of the island there are tiny dream coves that I managed to reach with a 4x4 car on the first morning.

As soon as I lowered my head under the surface I discovered clear water with visibility 20-30 meters away.

A huge starfish population that just took over the entire reef. The stars of the sea can be met underwater only when the water is clear and clean and not polluted. Sea stars are the best indication of clean water. The seabed after a few meters descends to a tremendous depth. As there are high mountains on land so underwater.

I remember one special dive after a storm that hit the island. The storm and the waves brought the island's harbors to fax some fish I had never seen in my life. I dived deeper than you saw fish more than water and all kinds and colors. A rare sight.

The island of Lefkada can be surrounded in 3 וחצי hours. And cross it from north to south in 45 minutes. However, the area of ??the island to fax is 480 square kilometers.

There are very high mountains on the island that touch up to a height of over 1000 meters. I highly recommend one day to start climbing up mainly from the eastern part to the west. In the late afternoon, the rays of the sun penetrate through the trees and between the leaves and create a rare sight. As you climb up the mountain you will reach small, special villages where you will meet the real Greece.

Look for the village of Kariya This village is a village known and known in the direction of the village's girls. Most of the works are handicrafts or works with a large fabric as hundreds of years ago.

There is a museum in the village "Kirya" that explains and tells the history and evolution of weaving in place.

Hotel Vasiliki Blue Bay, a 4-star hotel +, a more luxurious and luxurious hotel with the highest level of service and more professional for those who are suitable for a vacation with classic hotel service.

The fishing town of Silky consists of simple fishing houses that descend to the sea with their hatching boats every morning in order to satisfy the great demand of the islanders to taste the fresh fish.

The boats associated with the dock in the small marina and the deep blue Ionian sea with a combination of green, attract you to eat on a table and wooden chairs by the water's edge. The restaurants inherited from generation to generation in the family are abundant in fresh fish and seafood. The taverns take out the day's fish to the front in a tray filled with ice and you can choose the portion from this tray.

A small tip - always but you will always have to go into the kitchen to see how the dish is prepared or peek, to talk and to smile with the kitchen people who are honored to let you enjoy their lovable hands.

On 2 main restaurants I would like to recommend you, the restaurant of the Galaris family, a restaurant that has existed for more than 100 years. I recommend looking at the pictures on the walls of the restaurant to understand how this little village on Lefkada Island looks.

And the Dolphin Restaurant, also a local fish and food restaurant. Both can be eaten both fresh seafood and excellent Greek dishes such as moussaka, cheese, vine leaves and everything the Greek cuisine has to offer.

The local reception revealed us full of love.

Our arrival at La Lefkada was by accident, we had not heard of the island before. After years of working in a business I had in England and a mother who had been hiring for over 20 years.

My mother and her partner, Hani Arbel, decided to build a house - a place for healing people. A place that will restore the soul of man to its rightful place, where it should be.

And so it was, my mother and her partner stood on a piece of magical land to which they joined, with a dreamy landscape in the west of the island towards the Ionian Sea. And they began by saying "here we shall build"

And so, with the help of an engineering contractor and a local architect. We built the Serenity boutique hotel. The hotel has only 5 suites! And gives a warm and loving feeling to those who enter its gates.

Indeed, the place is doing its job. The hotel guests are happy and happy to say that this is the best vacation they have ever had. just perfect .

When we opened the Serenity boutique hotel. After a year and a half of planning and construction. All the people in our village are "Atanio"

They made a pilgrimage to the hotel's opening event.

The old widows from the village were holding flowers in their hands. They sat in the lobby of the hotel in exemplary quiet with deep connection and appreciation of nature. All the hotel guests arrived full of presents for the blessing and luck for the new place. Potoni's family from the small grocery store, the young people of the village with their smiling faces and all the oldest families in the village pushed checks into our pockets as if we were at a circumcision celebration celebrating the birth of a place that would bring good and light to the world.

If the time and the night and slowly after considerable amounts of alcohol laughter increased, the locals began to dance their traditional Greek dance, I remember one woman, a dominant woman, a mother of two children from a local family from the village, standing in the middle of the circle and dancing, All the people around, so powerful and dominant and powerful was the one that penetrated my soul. The traditional Greek dance is said to dance from the soul. He has no rules. Only the soul will determine which body dance will yield.

As we walked down the picturesque street of Ios Nikitas in the western code area of ??Lefkada, we enjoyed what the colorful taverns were hidden in flower pots and flowered trees.

I remember that a person who would live asked me if I thought there were fish in this sea and if the locals were fish. The way she finished her trial came a boat and unloaded a huge swordfish at the back of 40-50 kg. Within a few minutes one of the tavern owners cleaned the fish and sliced ??it into huge steaks that were immediately on the plates of the islanders.

The beer and the meats are served on the beachfront with a great view of the open sea. The shepherds came with their hands laden with cheeses to be produced in our neighbor's barn.

From the first moment that we set foot on the island to visit her, we felt that we had come home. Not in many places in the world do you feel at home. You do not want to leave Lefkada, and more than that you want to live and die in it.

Everything is better, the cleanest air you can find can be breathed a sigh of relief especially among the endless green forests that kiss the blue sea water.

The site lefkadagreece.co.il, the first site was launched in 2008, we built after a great investment.

The purpose of the site is to share with you the great pleasure of this island, what it gives. Nature, people, beaches, sea, restaurants, taverns, bars and enchanting villages.

Guide you to the small and hidden corners. The special beaches that it took us years to discover. The best tasting restaurants on the island. We will send you to specific people on the Island who will welcome you with a huge smile and will pamper you with all the good that the island has to offer.
We will also guide you to the best accommodation.

Accommodation that did not meet the standards we offer our customers will not appear on our site.

If this is the case, there are especially cheap and magical accommodation that we will be able to send you exactly to them. The site will direct you to the best and best places for travelers and vacationers, major tourist spots, and places that only locals know to experience the authentic and authentic Greece.

Lefkada / fax in Greek means white, most of the island consists of limestone. Which dissolves into the waters of the Greek Sea, every beach has different colors and shades of blue. And the reason is the chalk grains of different sizes. Which give different dives to water. The most beautiful colors can be experienced and see in the western part of Lefkada island.
Kind regards

Idan Sarussi