he winning combination of the exploitation of the elements, blue sea on one side and ultra-fast wind on the other hand ...

There is no question that windsurfing is a sport full of adrenalin, addictive and amazing in the number of possibilities it gives the surfer. The combination of a sailboard with a sail gives the surfer endless possibilities for performance, including huge jumps of several meters, flips, various turns of the sail and surfing the waves.

Surfing vacation is a dream. A dream for those who have not yet been, and a dream for surfers who have already fulfilled it and want to return to it again and again. The preparations for the journey, the planning, the monitoring of the weather conditions, the expectation of good surfing conditions and a wonderful vacation - return before each trip. Lefkada, which is considered beautiful in the Greek Islands, is located in the western part of the country, connected to the mainland by a long, narrow tongue around it. On one side of the island the colors of the sea are green and its beaches are scattered with pebbles and on the other side are turquoise blues that seem to have been diluted with gouache. Spectacular and breathtaking. The island's spectacular beaches pass through authentic colorful villages and ancient buildings built of the island's stones. On the southern shore of the village of Vasiliki you will meet the Paradise of Windsurfers. Surf clubs that provide equipment and lessons if needed.