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Half a marathon in Lefkada

As always, a half marathon is held for Lefkada, an athletic event in the Ionian Islands, which is unique in that it is a semi-marathon among the few that takes place at sunset. The air on the island and in the region is very clean.

The route is flat, comfortable and passes through the special views of the island.
There are 3 different tracks:
Half marathon 21 km, a 10 km route and a 5 km route.

Gulf of Veliko - Lefkas 1890

A rare picture came from a close friend Shabtai Hanan, whose family was born in Taslonki.

Where you can see the Gulf of Volho or anyone who knows a bay in the picture above 100 years ago, you can see the locals, each one of his sailing vessels.

Cultural events and festivals

 The cultural aspect of Lefkada has been well maintained for hundreds of years and brings the residents closer to the old customs. Around the year, religious festivals are celebrated in honor of the village's patron saint of dancing, dining and decorations of the small churches. Other traditions of events dedicated to literature and art first began on the island of Lefkada and were adopted by many municipalities throughout Greece, with people from all over the world defining Lefkada as their annual meeting point for sharing their customs and traditions.


Religious celebrations

July 7

On July 7, the locals celebrate the holy hiatus of Kyriaki - Kyriaki in the villages of Nidri - Nydri and in the village Vliho - Vliho.

August 15

On August 15, a Faneromeni monastery is celebrated in the village of Frini over the city of Lefkada. The monastery is a very popular pilgrimage spot on the island and dedicated to the Virgin Mary of Dor-Zion.

Traditional Wedding

In August, the residents of Karia - Karia organize traditional weddings, the desire to maintain old customs and combine the young generation with special refreshing. A colorful procession in the streets of the village, accompanied by songs, music and the throwing of flowers in the air, accompanies the groom and bride riding on decorated donkeys. The atmosphere is special and worth every moment of viewing.

International Folklore Festival

Lefkada International Folklore Festival takes place once a year in the last week of August in the town of Lefkada. The festival is marked by the union of people with common traditions. Groups from all over the world come to an annual meeting. On the streets of the town of Lefkada there is a colorful procession of dancers and folklorists dancing cheerfully and dressed in Masoretic costumes, holding flags and singing traditional songs. The procession ends at the beach where all the dancers dance the peace dance together. Worth, do not miss!

Festival of the poet Aristotelis and Allureitis

This special festival is dedicated to an important poet, the island of Lefkada - Aristotelis Valaoritis, who was a Greek island rights fighter and a successful and respected Greek politician. The festival takes place in the town of Nydri where a monument stands to commemorate the sea promenade - the monument overlooks the island of Madouri where the poet's house stands.