The Ronen family

We wanted to say thank you for the dream vacation we had in Lefkada. Odelia's treatment was professional and pleasant. She answered all the questions in emails and on the phone with a lot of patience. Thanks to her we arrived at the amazing Hotel Porto Galini, we received excellent recommendations on activities and taverns, and there is no doubt that the vacation was wonderful. So thanks for everything. Riva and Shai

The Aloni Family
We returned from a windsurfing and extras vacation ...
A week of good wind in Lefkada, direct flight to the island, a beachfront hotel meters from the surfing club, tasty food.
Thank you very much for the lovely Odelia who made a holiday for us ...
The Aloni family
The Ein Dar family

Odelia Shalom.
1. It was an excellent vacation.
2. The hotel is excellent including all organizations and coordination.
3. Thank you


Eleven girls went on a dream vacation in Lefkada

11 girls went on vacation :)), my girlfriend and I went out in July 2017 through GRE for a vacation in Lefkada.

From the very first moment, they all fell in love with the island! (3 girls returned for the second time that month :))

There is no doubt that the island of Lefkada has something different from anywhere I have visited the world!

Something in the air .... The peaceful energies of the locals The rare waters all together make Lefkada a perfect destination.

So what we did in 4 nights, on the first night we were picked up by Manidari on 2 racing boats for dinner in the magnets,

On the second day we took a daily cruise from morning until 5 pm a really magical the entire area of ??the ions to dive into the great cave we hoped to see dolphins (but we were not lucky).

On the third day we drove to Porto Katsiki for a whole day was really magical.

On the fourth day we were at the beach of the hotel and went to Niedri for some sea attractions.

Every evening we went out to the bars and another amazing club on the sea.

A perfect vacation.



Alon and Inbar Ushpiz

We enjoyed every moment, the place is charming, the hotel and the service are excellent, and all the accompaniment and information we received from beginning to end was above all expectations. Thank you very much and we'll be back on your way.


The Ronen Family 25/6/17
We drove to Lapadde with your office.
We were treated faithfully by Odelia who spared no effort to make our vacation perfect.
And for this we would like to thank her and know all of you.
Thanks, leaving a taste of more
Nitza and Avi Ronen
Chen and Roni - The trip to the highest place on the island

In August we went to the amazing island of Lefkada. After enjoying the amazing beaches, the traditional taverns that made our vacation a lot more enjoyable, we decided to go explore the island in a few places other than "belly-back". We took a map and left.

We went through amazing villages that looked just like an old movie. We drove along winding roads along the coastline between the mountains and started climbing with the road. On the way, of course, we stopped at the taverns that hosted us in a warm and warm atmosphere and as we continued on our way we simply streamed into the unknown. We decided that even if we did not know the way the roads and villages well, it's not so bad to get confused and even fun and fun! We went up to the mountains, we also made a little "back turn" from dead end roads, until we reached the top. Highest highest, most beautiful !!! Standing on the edge of a mountain and seeing the entire island is an unthinkable experience. We arrived at a special place with a few antiques that were there and a huge bell just like in the movies. From the highest place on one of the mountains we do not know when the clean wind blows on our faces, you can see the rare beauty of Lefkada Island. The beauty you do not see every day - the rare beaches, the clear water, the mountains, the special colors - all made us realize that the pictures do not lie and in reality it looks more perfect ...

On the way back, we saw the high and beautiful mountains and did not believe that until an hour ago we were there by ourselves, we touched the sky ... "


David - an amazing family vacation, and we'll be back!

We arrived at Ohad Adani from Serenity Boutique Hotel following a company recommendation. After explaining to our fan our needs, he immediately started searching and soon returned to us with a number of possibilities. Even after we got there and changed our destination, he continued to look for our dream villa in Crete. Finally, when we were already locked up on a certain villa it turned out that it was not available on the dates we wanted. And again Ohad started looking for a villa that matched the definitions we set. After the villa was found, he conducted great negotiations for us and managed to lower the price significantly. In light of the success in locating the villa, we ordered all the ground services (flights, cars and even travel insurance). As for the villa - we were in a villa in Crete. They have a compound of eight villas. We were at Villa Poseidon No. 3. The villa is located on a hill 70 meters from the day and overlooks the sea and the surroundings. Private swimming pool for each villa with balconies and amazing pool areas. Spacious villa features four spacious bedrooms, each with en suite bathroom and shower. Every year the villa is undergoing maintenance and painting so that it looks really new, everything is clean and tastefully equipped by the owners of the complex who are a Danish family with a designer products company - the villa is amazingly equipped and includes everything you will think about and everything that is missing or requires treatment - The director of the place who lived nearby. We enjoyed the most on an amazing family vacation, and we will return! Uncle


Amit, Milos Beach

"The hotel was very nice, clean and tidy, the people were courteous, the course was professional and serious but experiential and very fun for our guide called Vasily and it was awesome. Let's take into account that there is also a lot of theoretical material to learn in the free time, we had no problem with it."


Ra'anan Bar-Tal, Villa Irini

We drove two families to Lapadde. We arrived at a charming island with plenty of amazing beaches, bays, gorgeous nature and more. The place is a paradise for windsurfers (the Bay of Vasiliki in the south of the island) and for the surfers of Kate Cerf (in the north of the island in Milos Beach). We stayed at an Irish villa above the Bay of Vesiliki, in the villa we were 10 people, plenty of space, well equipped with everything we needed. The owners of the villa are dedicated, available in every interest and have a broad heart.

It was amazing

We shall return


Anat Cohen, Villa Irini

We returned yesterday from an amazing week on Lefkada island. The vacation was wonderful and enjoyable.

Villa Irini was discovered in a magical and wonderful place. The location of the villa is excellent, the view is gorgeous. The villa is equipped to the smallest and cleanest item

Hellenie has a cordial place and is available for any question or request.

Thank you for your dedicated care, attention and care.

We will send compliments and recommendations to anyone who has ears ...

Tania Hawes - Petrus Complex

we are back. It was amazing !!!!

Peter, or rather Peter's father is a very, very nice man. The apartment is beautiful, ground, grass, kitchen, two bedrooms.

We dived in a club near the Quiksilver cruise club.

In short, I would like to thank you - I highly recommend Lefkada in general and this place in particular. it was worth it !!!!!!!!!

Thanks Thanks and thanks again


Liat Philipson, Serenity Boutique Hotel

A piece of heaven

God seems to have created the island of Lefkada for all of us, but only those of us who are willing to make an effort for it will enjoy this piece of paradise.

Only an hour and fifty minutes of flight separates us from Athens but there is still a long way to go. This is a journey of another four or five hours along mountains and hills, seas and lakes, villages and taverns until you discover the narrow bridge connecting this special island with the land, and this is also one of its advantages, at least to the Greeks and Europeans who come here in the summer from all over the continent. So I flew to the headquarters for my 40th birthday and the moment I arrived they greeted Tony and Hani's smiling and tanned faces.

At the top of the village of Etni, built within 10 months together with an engineer and contractor only a corner of the real kind, all tastefully decorated with many touches of the house, of warmth, of connection to nature - mother earth. Indeed, after the long journey, you park your car and open the two doors of the large lobby and the whole paradise is revealed to you.

Two double rooms overlooking the sea above, another 3 spacious rooms for families are located under the lobby, beneath them spills a pool that seems to connect with the sea water, cheap tent near the pool, which awakens in the late evening after sunset, a large Jacuzzi and a treatment room and more A double jacuzzi and everything surrounded by natural forest and lots of peace and quiet. For those who like - not to give up the amazing coast of Puerto C?zc?, also on the west side of the island, windsurfing enthusiasts and Kate Surfing also have a lot to do since the island is sewn for these activities and for those of you who have always been quiet and peaceful, To Israel.



Eleanor, Serenity Boutique Hotel

Dear Tony and Hanni,

We returned to Israel from a wonderful vacation in Serenity, Shabai Lefkada. The island is magical - neither small nor large. The narrow winding roads lead to the beautiful beaches, the hospitable villages and the breathtaking views that make you want to stay. And you, Hani, and Tony, with their wisdom and sharp senses, their decision to invest their heart and soul in deposition. This charming boutique hotel embodies everything. The love, the giving and the warm embrace, the humanity and the beauty of this world. Calm and peaceful, the hotel sits above the village of Athena. Proudly dominating the endless landscape. The pool merges with the sea, the sea merges with the sky. When you sit on your porch and especially in front of the magnificent sunsets - who will not breathe deeply and feel how beautiful the world is? Every day, in the afternoon, our adolescent children used to tell us: "Yalla, come home, Serenity." A warm and good home is coming back! And we will return to you Tony and Hani and the warm home that you established with so much sensitivity.

Sending a loving hug and love from all of us! Eleanor


Iris, Serenity Boutique Hotel

Hey Idan,

We had an amazing Tony and the charming Chani spoiled us .. We ate together a Friday dinner that Tony cooked and was just amazing and exciting - we were a table of 20 people. We have stunning pictures from the island. We recommend that everyone go there. The truth is that in the rehearsal it went very well (we slept on the way back in Diakapato) on the train that goes over a canyon to a ski town, I think there's more water in the spring. It was nice but everything looked minor compared to this charming island of Lefkada ..



Lehi, Serenity Boutique Hotel

Luckily we are part of the Serenity family and you can never leave! We'll take the experience with us all year long until we get back here next year ... Hugs and kisses to Hani, Tony and Petrushka The chic cat! Love lots and lots!


Boaz Nahshoni, Serenity Boutique Hotel

Hi Tony and Hani,

I wanted to take this opportunity to share with you again the feeling that even today, after three weeks in Israel, you can not stop thinking about our vacation in Serenity Lafkada. Needless to say, anyone who heard about the vacation, the place and experience immediately asked for the details. As I told you in Frida and today even more in the distance we had a truly special experience. The place, the environment and the atmosphere, the sea, the beaches, the pool and the tours around were part of something very special for him and others. Equally important to your hospitality is an inseparable part of your life and experience.

Your place is pampering and hospitable in a way that makes it difficult to break away and makes the return to routine much more difficult.

Greetings and kisses and we will be happy to keep in contact later on.


Adi Yarkoni, Serenity Boutique Hotel

To Tony, Hani and Ela Shalom

Thanks for the lovely week we had together at Serenity

We have been to many places in the world, you have a charming hotel that is pleasant to stay in and is in a rare location.

Keep the place with pleasure and giving as you have given us.

Adi Yarkoni.


Sefi, Villa Rocco

it was great ! The villa is amazing, it exceeded all expectations from the pictures on the site and more - the view from it contributes to the atmosphere ..

The island and its views are unique and beautiful The people on the island are very nice and have everything you need within a few minutes' drive or even walking ..

The ride is a bit long so you should take a spacious car with a good and updated GPS and yet the special bridge that connects to the island of the views from the ride are breathtaking ..

We would like to thank Keren and Idan for all the information and their accompaniment for the trip. The villa and the vehicles all flew ..

The island and villa are warmly recommended !!!

Sefi, Zvika, Roy, Natalie, Effie, Bella, Lior, Nati and Yochai.


Mickey, Serenity Boutique Hotel

Hey Idan

The following is my official visit to Serenity, the place is pleasant and full of peace and tranquility. I was happy to meet her wonderful Tony, her treatment and her attitude. Hani took care of us and even served an early breakfast, I recommended to anyone who was suitable for the place, it seems to me that people will come to you from me. The road is beautiful and full of breathtaking views.


Rina and Assi Yechiel, Serenity Boutique Hotel

Dear Tony and Hani ....

We thank you for the wonderful hospitality and the dreamy place, simply creating a piece of paradise on this amazing island ? We already want and look forward to returning to you, because such a place is not seen every day ? Sure that my 30th birthday and Assi's will not forget much many years Thanks again ... There is no god in the world ... with love


Orly Adler, Serenity Boutique Hotel

Last week I returned from the Greek island of Lefkada, and on the western side there are two beaches that are considered beautiful on the shores of Greece, and two Israeli women set up a small boutique hotel on the edge of the surfing pool whose black bottom shines like a crystal mirror, They poured me a cold Ritzina wine, served me almonds and taught me a lesson in making dreams come true.

Two women are educated and talented and successful and beautiful, so in the middle of life, moving their lives to another country, without language, knowledge, relevant experience or connections, establish a unique hotel where they live and where potential hosts dream of designed suites.

It is no coincidence that I chose the Greek story - the word fantasy originated in the Greek language, meaning: hallucination, illusion, which is entirely imaginary; A desire for something unattainable.

Unlike fantasy, dreams can be fulfilled if you go with them to the end and are willing to pay the prices on the way. The real difficulty is the fear of starting to dream. For many people dreams are a luxury. An almost immoral act. Did your parents tell you, "Stop dreaming," "Stand with your feet on the ground," "Those who dream at the end are disappointed," "Where is your head?" "What are you a kite?" That it would be better to be realistic ... really?

We will recall the accepted formula of happiness: happiness = meaning + pleasure (preferably with the addition of active action). Whoever speaks to him will also agree that the realization of dreams is essential to the consciousness of happiness:

A longed-for dream, every dream, gives meaning to our lives like a lighthouse in a stormy sea, like a deliberate point.

And the supreme feeling that stems from recognizing our courage and abilities and realizing the dream gives us pleasure. When it comes to dreams, I see four kinds of people:

Those who do not dream - that for them dreams are really unnecessary and impractical. These are diagnosed with a 'muscle' of degenerate dreams.

Those who dare not dream - because of unsuccessful attempts in the past, because of fear of environmental reactions.

Those who dream and do not have the courage to fulfill - the fear makes excuses: "Once it will be appropriate ... when I have money, when the children grow up, when ..."

Those who dream - go ahead, are committed to it and stand brave to obstacles and prices - these know that there really is not a price for realizing a dream.

If there is a place where full equality of opportunity is celebrated, it is our dreams. Everyone deserves to dream and fulfill. To think that we do not deserve only dilutes our resources. We must not fall into such thoughts! We deserve to accept what we dream!

Serenity - a boutique hotel located above a picturesque village, on the side of a mountain on the island of Lefkada, in Greece.

Chani Arbel, formerly a decorator and chief designer of super cosmetic brands and Tony Seroussi, the training manager of the company's most prestigious brand - left behind the world of glamor, embarked on a dream and built a magical home. . Five unique suites, aesthetically designed and tasteful, overlook the island's rare beaches. "


Itzik and Orly, Serenity Boutique Hotel

Dear Chani and Tony,

We would like to thank for an amazing week,

For the warm and loving relationship you gave us with all our heart.

We met two hot, embracing women and at any moment were there to make the stay more pleasant so as to give explanations and tips on the island and everything related to it.

It was a perfect vacation and we thank and appreciate it.

From us: Itzik and Orly Amitai


Yossi and Aliza Klein - Galini Beach Hotel

Hey ,

Not long ago we returned from the island of Lefkada, you remember how interested I was and how much I asked, you with patience

Great and excellent recommendations and accurate explanations guided me!

I wanted you to know that we were very pleased with the right attitude to help and sewing the "suit" you made for us

And for that we thank you very much.

From the landing in Athens the rented car was waiting for us at the airport. We drove to the hotel you recommended in Athens

The "Center of the Eyes" is a great recommendation and everything is great.

Your recommendation to stop on the way to the headquarters and enjoy and visit places like the Corinth Canal proved itself completely !!

The island is stunningly beautiful, there are no such things, the residents are hospitable, the sea restaurants are all perfect !!!!

The hotel is excellent, the rooms are clean, the pools, the sideboards, the sea ... in short the pure pleasure of pleasure and fun vacation

As we wanted, you probably remember we wanted to do 2 things in the morning "belly" at lunchtime "back" and so it was !!!

Of course we went to Lefkada town and Nadiri and some other places really charming and beautiful.

So huge thank you Idan for opening up the possibility

To vacation in such a fun and perfect way.

Aliza and Yossi Klein



Bat Sheva, Villa Adam

Idan Shalom

We have returned from a holiday that is full of charming beach experiences and really who has to travel to Thailand

Villa is a wonderful person with all the conditions and especially Tzvia we had when we wanted

She recommends that everyone vacation with her

And thank you for everything


Keren, Pico Beach Hotel

There was an amazing vacation and the island is stunningly beautiful ... !! It is amazing that Israelis hardly know him. We have not heard Hebrew even once during the entire vacation.

Pico's hotel was very successful The couple who runs it are charming and kind and advised us in many things, especially authentic local restaurants - the combination of a pool and a beach adjacent to the hotel was just perfect, the rooms are clean, breakfast is simple but sufficient, you arranged us a room for the sea so we also had a stunning view , In short, warmly recommends to anyone who asks about this hotel, exceeded our expectations and much more ..

Thank you very much for the service and we will warmly recommend working with you



Ronit and Limor, Villa "Olive"

Hey Almog,

The vacation was great,

The home is charming, well equipped and furnished to a high standard

Access to the villa is on a dirt road, but the location is great in a very quiet place

On the way to the headquarters we bragged and we extended the way in three hours ...


In short, it was great and it's a shame that it went fast !!

Thank you,

Ronit and Limor

Shmulik and Bagil, Serenity Boutique Hotel

Tony and Hani are the most precious and charming,

It was a very big gamble to carry 16 people, including two babies and seven children, to an unknown place

And I have no doubt that it paid off big.

I'm a house type, love to travel, to see, to enjoy but always miss home

And it did not happen to you, from the first moment we got off the car after the long trip to you, we were greeted warmly, with a hug and feeling that we had arrived home.

8 days of your stay - 8 days of close instruction, pampering, pampering, helping with everything we needed,

The pimples loved the children and so we regretted that it was over.

I was ready for another 8 days like this ...

You built a magical place, in an enchanted area, and I wish you to preserve the existing, the charming, intimate, impressive, embracing, pampering place

And yes, also to your forces, because you are working so hard.

The children cried all the way back to the house and they said goodbye to the command and the hotel and their most fun vacation

And believe me, small little ones, but they've had time to see these children.

We managed to calm them down while they rescued us from the promise that we would come back to you.

I hope that we will succeed in fulfilling this promise.

Hope to see you sometime in the country or in Greece, it does not really matter

A souvenir picture of us is attached

And sends lots of kisses

Avigail, Shmulik and the children - Harel, Yoav, Ella and Daniel.


The Levy family - Serenity Boutique Hotel

Our vacation at Serenity was very enjoyable - and the hospitality we got from Tony and the staff was excellent.

We enjoyed the Shabbat meal on Friday night, the birthday meal, the hospitality in general.

The pool is very nice. The view is of course amazing and overall it was very pleasant. The island has not failed at all, although it does not appear in the main directories.

Tony and Hani also gave us good information about the island and helped us with ordering the boat - it was very convenient.

We will definitely recommend the island and "Serenity" to friends - and we will also add a recommendation in the trip advisor


Avichai Lisa and the children


The Dvir family - Serenity Boutique Hotel

It's important to me to say that it was an amazing experience! We returned with a balanced smile! To the ear!

I fell in love with Lefkada! After 5 days we continued spontaneously to Paros and even took a course in Kate, so from today you will call me a surfer ...

Thank you very much for everything !!!! You're The Best.

We felt we were on the island because of you!


Noga Galili - September 2016

Hey Odelia,

Lefkada is amazing! Full of colors, clean air, quiet and calm.

Hani was amazing, she was an amazing hostess.

It was a wonderful vacation and a stupid job.

Thank you for being available to us when needed :)