Marine Experiences

A friend asked me to tell him about my marine experiences when we spent about six months in the Ionian Islands on a catamaran 60 around the island of Lefkada. The Ionian Islands are located in northwestern Greece and are within reach of the wing of Italy, Albania, Montenegro and Croatia. The most familiar of us, the Israelis – is the northernmost island – Corfu, but I fell in love with the more central islands – first and foremost the island of Lefkada.

Lefkada, also known as Lefkas by the Europeans, is a green island surrounded by the blue Ionian Sea, a mountainous island where the mountain chain looks like a backbone that begins in the northeast of the island, which bears the name Lefkada and ends in the southwest of the island.

As a crew member on a catamaran, which took two weeks out of the port city of Perpaza, located north of the island of Lefkada on the mainland, I can tell you that the view from my kitchen and the guest rooms was in different colors and shades of blue, green and sun … Each week the landscape was similar but changed with The mild weather, the mornings were peaceful and calm, the afternoon winds swept us through the islands in breathtaking coves.

The route began with a marina parabez sailing through a sea channel in shallow waters (under us a tunnel passes through the cars from the mainland to the other side, via a shortcut and a way to reach Lefkada more easily for anyone coming from the direction of Ioannina and Praga via Pravza) Clean up the sandy harbor, clean the beach and restore a beautiful wall of stones when the lighthouse sits on the opposite wall and is a tourist attraction in itself. The island is connected to land by a modern bridge that opens every hour from early morning to 22:00. The opening of the bridge stops the traffic from the mainland to Lefkada, back and forth. The drivers, especially the tourists who come to the vacation in Lefkada, go out and photograph the impressive sailboats, ships, catamarans and motorbikes, as well as the colorful local fishing boats that cross the Lefkada Canal on their way south or north at the same time, . Crossing the channel south towards the Great Bay.

From there, they are already climbing from the kitchen to the deck and beginning to photograph the island of Lefkada on the right, the island of Maganisi and the island of Scorpio (an island belonging to the Greek shipping god Aristotle Onassis) in front of us, the islands of the brothers – Castus and Calamus and the mountains of the continent to the left, Of Kapalonia and the island of Itika near it – the scenery is amazing in every direction you look at and the camera does not stop ticking. Of course after lunch the best Greek cuisine (I prepared) begin to look for a berth for afternoon swimming. In every cove they anchored, the water was clear and clean, blue and inviting and very refreshing.

Every morning we sailed from this beautiful bay to Nidri, one of the most impressive in my view. How to enter the bay to the right of the green mountains lies the town of Nidri, a long promenade with lots of colorful sailing boats and boats, full of taverns and bars, clothing and footwear shops. All around, many private sailboats are anchored everywhere. As we continued into the bay that opened in front of us-low residential houses along the water with restaurants and taverns on the waterfront. The night was quiet, the sky was clean and strewn with millions of stars-which gave me an understanding of why the Greeks lived in the faith of the gods-how powerful of nature how beautiful, how calm beneath the sky.

The next morning we sailed to the village of Sibota, the guests wanted to extricate their legs … a cute place – a crescent of restaurants, taverns and mini-martes – sails scattered around and the crowning glory of this colorful town – duck families swimming with fearless ducks among the boats, And enjoy making fun of the little ones in front of our cameras. In the afternoon, we continued in the direction of the town of Vassiliki – Shishar reminded me of Eilat in Katana – a sleepy resort town in the early hours of the morning, which awakens towards the afternoon with the wind flowing from the mountain and then all the surf and hobi kat leave and leave in a spectacular “performance,” dozens of sails and sailboats Sailing back and forth in the spectacular bay.

The captain went down to the local diving club to collect diving equipment and told us that the guys in the club were really nice and were even happy to hear that we were from Israel – because they know and work in cooperation with an Israeli guy named Idan … . Little World – We know Idan and his lovely mother Tony …. On our vacations we decided to get off the catamaran and indulge in a hotel house. Of course, we chose to go to the Serenity, where we stayed for 6 days in a suite (we chose to be both crabs), a couple suite with a breathtaking view of the Ionian Sea. We could see the sea without getting out of bed, the sea people are very important especially when we are on land … lol … Of course we were romping in the Infinity pool that felt like the sea and the sky merged together – and one evening my husband spoiled me with a spa package – massage and relaxation in the And we even got a champagne – we felt most on honeymoon vacation. One morning on the recommendation of Hani and Tony Charming we went to the beach “Igramani” one of the amazing beaches I saw and I – in summary of one word – a postcard! In the evening we decided to take a walk in the village of Atheni – all of them smiling, all nice – we had to practice the little Greek we used to say “Ola Cala” – “Everything is OK” / “T Canis” – How are you? “Andaxi” – “OK” in short, a completely cool language.

I can write more whole pages about the experiences on Lefkada island, it will eventually be a book … maybe I’ll do it, but, meanwhile, strongly recommend anyone looking for vacation, vacation, head cleaning, family trip or romantic couple vacation – Lefkada is definitely worth a visit and visits Returning. Do not let the distance stop you – Arriving at the island is an excursion in itself, there is the Corinth Canal – a famous historical site, there is the charming string bridge of Patras crossing the Poloponese peninsula to the mainland – if you turn right and head towards the city of Delphi you will enter Into a green valley planted with olive groves to the horizon at the foot of the mountains, from there uphill with rounds going up to the town of Delphi and strolling through the famous archaeological site – do not forget to enter the museum – equal worth.

Friends All I have left to tell you: make passports, pack as little as possible – do not forget a swimsuit, a large memory card in the camera and “Pama” (Come on in Greek) Come find out the island worth Libby – Lefkada