Xtrail Raider

Raiders are a new concept of all terrain 4 wheel drive electric micro-mobility vehicles.

They are light weight and very stable, originally developed for military all terrain use.

Raiders are very easy to operate and a lot of fun.

The tour lasts about 2 hours from and to XTRAIL’s base. Most of it is driving on Lefkada’s trails with a short break and light refreshments (included) at the Café and a short walk to the waterfalls. Afterwards we resume driving in the beautiful scenery back to base.

Nidri waterfall route

Join a unique way to experience the beauty of Lefkada and the thrill of riding the Rider.
Drive close to nature, among olive trees, feel the wind, enjoy the panoramic view from the route.
Have a short and peaceful rest with refreshments at the old Tree Café with sound
The water flowing in the background, before continuing a short walk to the waterfall.
At the waterfall itself you can enter the water to enjoy and refresh yourself.
After the break we will get back on the Raiders and on the village paths between the houses and villages we will ride back to the starting point in Nidri.

Rent by the hour:
In this route you can rent the Raider and experience the Nidra of the surrounding villages and the island of Lefkada in your free time independent of the guide and the group.
With the Raiders you can drive around the island, go down to the paths in the forests and reach the amazing beaches.
The starting point and the return of the raiders in the middle of the street of Nidri

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