Kite’s vacation in Lefkada

The Lefkada Gris site works in full cooperation with the Milos beach, which is considered the best beach for windsurfing and kite.

Lefkada, which is considered beautiful in the Greek Islands, is located in the western part of the country, connected to the mainland by a long,
narrow tongue around it.
On one side of the island the colors of the sea are green and its beaches are scattered with pebbles and on the other side are turquoise blues that seem to have been diluted with gouache.
Spectacular and breathtaking.
The island’s spectacular beaches pass through authentic colorful villages and ancient buildings built of the island’s stones. Surf users will enjoy surfing one of the most amazing beaches in the world,
which was discovered only last year and is considered one of the best beaches in the world!
From mid-May to the end of September Greece and especially the island Lefkada blessed with strong winds, good and stable!
It is recommended that each surfer be equipped with two parachutes
(a small parachute – 7 meters and a large parachute 10-11),
and of course the additional equipment and safety (trapezoid, surfboard, pump, helmet and protective vest / buoyancy). In addition,
it is possible to rent equipment in Greece and in Israel by appointment and advance order. Milos Beach One of the most beautiful and famous places in Europe is located on the seafront of Agios Ioannis Milli,
in the northern part of the island Lefkada in western Greece in the Ionian Sea. Also in 2013 we continue to combine the
tradition of kite surfing and kiteboarding and the place of the Milos resort has always been successful.
Milos Beach ensures that the customer receives the best possible service of the highest quality. Since 1999,
we have been working to ensure the safety of marine sports in the most possible way, so that everyone can enjoy the attractions of the beach both the public and the children.
We are here to accommodate you the best vacation package possible.kitesurfing-girl