Places to stop on the way to the Lefkada

They say that the road to heaven is long, so we will recommend stopping places on the way to the beautiful island of Greece - Lefkada. You can enjoy a beautiful and varied journey along the coast and between the mountains and the traditional villages. A good trip!

Corinth Canal
An amazing canal connecting the Saronic Gulf to Corinth Bay. The length of the canal is 6 kilometers. At both ends of the canal, bridges have been erected for the passage of vehicles. The beautiful canal is known as the passage of tourist ships and private yachts. One of the most spectacular experiences in Greece is the observation of the Corinth Canal, an impressive and unusual engineering enterprise - not only on a local Greek scale, providing the region with the most significant contemporary attraction. For those who come here it is recommended to spend half a day of sailing on a yacht equipped and equipped, to indulge in the stunning views sprouting from all sides from the cliffs where the channel is carved on both sides. In Corinth Canal you can enjoy one of the coolest attractions - bungee jumping, recommended !!!


The walls of the canal are 90 meters above sea level. Two bridges were built above the canal, one to a railroad track and the other to a main road from the center of Greece to Peloponnosus. Today, mostly tourist ships pass through the canal, since it is not large enough for the passage of modern cargo ships. About 11,000 ships a year pass through the canal. The canal contributed greatly to strengthening the status of Piraeus as a major port in the Mediterranean Sea. For passengers on the way from Athens to Lapadde, the Corinth Canal can be a stunning stopping point on the way. It is amazing that the Greeks do not bother to put signs in the direction of this marvelous Corinth Canal. All this wonder passes under the Autostrada between Athens and Peloponnese without any particular mention. Aitoliko Island is connected to the mainland on either side of two bridges. It is inhabited by about 10,000 inhabitants. It is possible to visit local taverns and restaurants to enjoy the green nature of the island and bird species.



The town of Delphi


The town of Delphi, a mythological historical site called "the home of the oracle" from ancient Greece. The place of the oracle of Delphi is the most important site and by many it is considered as the site of greatest archaeological importance in Greece as a whole. The town of Delphi itself is a small commercial town located on the edge of a cliff and provides an amazing view of the surrounding area. It has small hotels and colorful shops - it is worth visiting the Delphi Museum, which contains a wonderful collection of ancient sculptures and the entire archaeological site, including the Apollo Temple and the Hippodrome.

It is suitable for travelers who decide to spend a night in Athens and then continue on to the station, as this is a little longer


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On the way north from the Corinth Canal can be found several picturesque villages on the coastline between the villages Elaioas & Diakopto.
We recommend stopping here for the night and driving a roller coaster between Diakopro and Kalavrita. The distance between the two villages is 22 kilometers and therefore the length of the trip is about an hour.


A roller coaster or local name "Odontotos" (Greek: Shen) travels between mountains within the Second Rock Canyon in Greece, climbs the narrow and fantastic ravine to the mountains. The ride is so beautiful and special The train passes through tunnels, streams, waterfalls, and rare landscapes.

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Just a recommended experience !!!

After your stay in the village, it is recommended to take 50 minutes by motorway to the Interio Bridge and through the Rio Port to take a ferry that takes cars (less than the toll bridge) to the other side of the bridge to continue towards Lefkada via Messolongi. On the way to the commando, a stop at Diakopto can be a refreshing experience as well as the continuation of the trip which allows you to observe the bridge hanging from the ferry taking only 20 minutes and enjoy the sea breeze and rest.


suspension bridge crossing Corinth Gulf strait, Greece. Is the world's second longest cable-stayed bridge;
suspension bridge crossing Corinth Gulf strait, Greece. Is the world's second longest cable-stayed bridge
Petra - PATRA


Petra is the third largest city in Greece on the way to Lapadde. The city is located in the northwest of Flapanissus, on the Ionian coast. Petra has more than 200,000 residents. It is one of the maritime and land trade cities and has a large and prosperous port. The city coordinates maritime trade routes from the Adriatic and Ionian Sea - a regular ferry line from Italy and the Rio-Antirio bridge. The city is full of caf?s, taverns and shopping centers. There is a market that operates on weekends near the "Passila Alona" square - a playground in the city area and a famous carnival held in the city between February and March. The most prominent site in Petra is the restored Roman Theater, which serves as an open theater for plays and concerts during the summer. In addition, there is the ruins of a Venetian fortress, a vestige of its rule in the city during the 18th century that dominates the city and is now an open site.

After crossing the large bridge of "Petra" turn left at the gas stations can be stopped for souvalki bourekas cheese and other local delicacies.

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The island "Aitoliko" or, as the locals call it, "Island of Birds" is a special island connected to the mainland by two bridges, the island is actually one large town inhabiting about 10,000 inhabitants.
On the island you can visit local taverns and restaurants to enjoy the green nature of the island and the various birds.







Amfilochia 2

City and City In the northwestern part of Greece, Empolucci is situated at the foot of mountains and at the edge of Ambracian Bay right on the road leading to Lefkada Island. On the boardwalk you can sit and enjoy the view in local cafes and restaurants, beside the pier fishermen are unloading the day's spoils and colorful fishing expeditions which are transported fresh and fresh to taverns. The city has primary schools, junior high schools and a high school for children and youth from all over the region. Bells from the churches in the background in addition to banks and a supermarket. Definitely worth the last stop before arriving at Lefkada Island.

The city of Lefkada (Lefkas)


The capital city of Lefkada Island could well be the next stop point right after crossing the bridge to the island. Where you can stop eating at excellent taverns for half price, for a good price or a coffee at one of the cafes in the area